Cancer and Immune System

Cancer and Immune System(Immune Cell, Immunity)

1. Cancer Story


  • A human body is made of about 70 trillion cells as a weight is 70 kg.
  • 1% of 70 trillion cells that make up the body die daily by metabolism.
  • When 100 billion of the cells are divided, 5,000 cells become cancerous.
  • Cancer cells are continually mutated and changed.
  • The gene variation that creates cancer cells are caused by aging, stress, ultraviolet light, and smoking.
  • Risk factors of cancer occurrence are in family history, carcinogenic substances, radiation, chemical (Aromatic amines chemistry and nitrosamine chemicals, alkylating agents, etc.), the effects of chemicals, infections, bad lifestyle, environmental and other factors.
  • In past medical checkups, it is difficult to diagnose as cancer which size is below 1cm. However it is possible to diagnose as cancer that its size is about 5mm as using new technology, PET (positron emission tomography) scan now.
  • 1cm tumor cell is made up of 10 billion cancerous cells.
  • 5mm tumor cell is made up of 5 billion cancerous cells over 5 or 20 years.


2. Mechanism of cancer and immune system.

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Cancer cells grow daily in our bodies. (Some researchers say, 5000-8000 cancerous cells occur a day). But immune cells in white blood attack cancerous cells, so human can maintain healthy.
If cancer cells increase multiplicatively at much larger than the deterrent of immune cells, cancer cells are accumulated. Cancer cells can make various immunosuppressive factors, which make immune cells weak. So, a cancer is able to progress to more quickly.
Finally, immune system and cancerous tumor are very important relationship.


3. Correlated with Cancerous Cell Activity and Immunity Activity


This graph is made for explanation easily the correlation of cancer and immunity. If cancer cells enhance the function and the immune system is lowered, cancer cells can be increased gradually.

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