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Introduction about Cell Preservation Company and system

Many companies use혻customized high-quality integrated stem cell storage system that based on long experience and refrigeration technology.

Companies holding techniques are located in Korea, China, Taiwan, USA, Hong혻Kong, others nations.

For preservation, it needs to frozen cells or tissues. The way to keep impermanent and safely is freezing process and temperature below -196꼦.



To prepare for your healthy future, autologous cell storage is a good choice for me and my family is essential.

1. Autologus Stem Cell Bank

(1) Japan
(2) Korea
(3) HongKong
(4) Singapore
(5) China


2. Stem Cell Bank for Research

Nation Institute Operation body Cell Type
U.S.A NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine Government iPSC and iPSC-derived cell
WISC Bank Private Bank ESC, iPSC
Harvard Stem Cell Institute Private Public ESC, iPSC
Massachusetts Stem Cell Bank Private Public ESC, iPSC
CIRM(California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) Government iPSC
U.K UK Stem Cell Bank Government ESC, iPSC(plan)
NIBIO JCRB(National Institute of Biomedical Innovation Japanese Collection of Research Bioresources) Cell Bank Government ESC, iPSC
Japan RIKEN BRC(RIKEN Bio resources Center) Government ESC
CIRA(Center for iPSC Cell Research and Application, Koto University) Private Public(Government leading) iPSC(plan)
Singapore SSCC(Singapore Stem Cell Consortium) Government ESC
CMRB(Center of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona) Government ESC
Spain CABIMER(Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine) Government ESC, iPSC
Australia University of Melbourne Private Public iPSC(Plan)

3. Stem Cell Bank for Public