Placenta derived Stem Cell


Characteristic of Placenta derived Stem Cell

The placenta is a unique mammalian tissue that forms the interface between the maternal and fetal environment. The placental blood containing mesenchymal stem cells possible to differentiate with muscle, nerve, bone and fat as well as hematopoietic stem cells is very useful in stem cell therapy.
1. WHO Pregnancy
2. WHAT Placenta Tissue
3. WHEN a baby is born, just one chance after birth
4. WHERE Collect – anywhere maternity hospital
Storage – companies, hospitals, laboratories
5. WHY The reason to collect and storage
for public – research, patients
for private – only a single opportunity to save and prevention against family diseases
6. HOW Plantation after cultivation
7. Application (included diseases under investigation)
Burn, arthritis, , auto immune disease, liver disease, nerve disease, etc

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