Importance of Immunity

Immune system have the power of a natural treatment inside body.

When we catch a cold, we feel to get a fever. It means the heater by혻doing battle with flu virus and immune cells혻inside our body. Immune cells act혻autoimmune response.


As혻we have a reduced immunity,

  1. suffer from various diseases a immune imbalance
  2. AIDS viruses bring out brain and spinal cord damage. Then dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) or human cell confusion cause.



Steps of diseases

Aging 뼴 Infection 뼴 Thymus smaller 뼴 Chronic inflammation 뼴 Chronic diseases
(Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis(hardening of the arteries), Cancer(Tumors), Alzheimer’s, Sarcopenia)


Correlation of Cancer Rate and Natural Killer Cells Activity

Research Paper: Natural cytotoxic activity of peripheral-blood lymphocytes and cancer incidence: an 11-year follow-up study of a general population


Natural cytotoxic activity of peripheral-blood mononuclear cells was assessed by isotope-release assay in 3625 residents of a Japanese population mostly older than 40 years of age, between 1986 and 1990. Immunological and biochemical markers were also measured, and participants were given a questionnaire on lifestyle. Research had progressed for 11-year.

Results indicate that medium and high cytotoxic activity of peripheral-blood lymphocytes is associated with reduced cancer risk, whereas low activity is associated with increased cancer risk suggesting a role for natural immunological host defenceable mechanisms against cancer.(The cancer incidence rate of Low Group is 1.7 times(Men) and 2 times(Women) as high as them of Middle and High Group.)

Group Cytotoxic activity (%)
Low Middle High
돞34% 35%~51% >51%
Rate of cancer cases Men 9% 7% 6%
Women 4% 2% 2%


Importance of immunity and Natural Killer Cells’ activities is emphasized again.

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