Step to storage cells

Step to storage or banking stem cells and tissues

Stem cells, or cells through the frozen process, it can be permanently stored at minus 196 degrees nitrogen tank.
Process for the storage is as follows.
  1. Pre-checkup for stem cell collection and storage possibilities.
  2. Check availability harvesting bone marrow, adipose or blood.
  3. Stem Cell혻Collection(harvesting) through혻bone marrow, blood or혻adipose혻tissues.
  4. Cell isolation, separation, storage suitability test.
  5. To increase cell viability, after the step-by-step freezing process, cryopreservation process.
  6. …….Permanently frozen………
  7. Depending on the disease or need, it is used to determine on the basis of medical findings.
  8. After defrosting cells, cultured or technological processes,
  9. Implant to skin, joints, or tissues / cultured stem cell transplant from a blood vessel.

Biosafety Level
These primary cells are not known to harbor an agent recognized to cause disease in healthy adult humans. Handle as a potentially biohazardous material under at least Biosafety Level 1 containment. Cells derived from primate lymphoid tissue may fall under the regulations of 29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens.
Human Material Precaution
All tissues used for isolation are obtained under informed consent and conform to HIPAA standards to protect the privacy of the donor셲 personal health information. It is best to use caution when handling any human cells. We recommend that all human cells be accorded the same level of biosafety consideration as cells known to carry HIV. With infectious virus assays or viral antigen assays, even a negative test result may leave open the possible existence of a latent viral genome.
Storage Conditions
at least -130째C or below, Optimum Temp is -196째C
The cells are cryopreserved in the second passage to ensure the highest viability and plating efficiency.
Necessary Sterility Tests for cell storage
Bacteria and Yeast: Negative
Mycoplasma: Negative
Viral Testing
Hepatitis B: Negative
Hepatitis C: Negative
HIV: Negative