Immunotherapy; Using Autologus immune cells

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps immune system fight cancer.
Immunotherapy principle is the 쐔reatment of disease by enhancing, inducing, or suppressing an immune response.
Immunotherapy with autologous immune cells began with inverse concept.
Conventional cancer treatments are 3 ways; operation, radiation therapy, chemotherapy.
These methods have a goal as a outside tool to remove tumors and bad cells.
On the other hand, immunotherapy is the nature principle that enhanced and amplified cells fight themselves with tumors.

It has being used immunotherapy actively from 1999 in Japan. At present, Immunotherapy has popularized in Japan, which is as 4th alternative treatment in cancer treatment.
This procedure are running immunotherapy about 30,000 patients per a year in about 300 university hospitals, cancer centers and local clinics.; Excerption from Newsweek issued on March, 2012 in Japan, Cancer treatment – New Age


Characteristics of Immunotherapy

  • After activation and proliferation of the immune cells outside, they are injected into patients.
  • Applicable to most cancer types
  • Preventive effects against recurrence have been reported when it is used as a postoperative adjuvant therapy.
  • It has no adverse reactions in essence, and maintains QOL (quality of life.)
  • Side effects are low in comparison with other standard therapies.
  • After treatment, it causes higher than normal body temperature and headache, but temporarily

Applications of Immunotherapy; Target diseases

(1) Cancer Patient

  • – Anticancer treatments
  • – Prevention recurrence
  • – To remove minute residual cancer

(2) Non Cancer Patients

  • – Preventive treatment
  • – Immunopotentiation


* Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were isolated from peripheral blood by conventional ficoll.


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