Immune Cells


Immune Cells (Immunocytes)

Immune Cells(Immunocytes) are cells of the immune system. Natural Killer Cells, Dendritic Cells and T-Cells play essential part in defense혻against bad virus, bacterium, cancer cells.


Kinds of Immune Cells

(1) Lymphocyte :혻T-Cell(Killer T-Cell, Helper T-Cell), B-Cell
(2) NK Cell(Natural Killer Cells)
(3)혻Dendritic cells


Kinds of Killer Cells

Section Natural Killer Cell(NK) Natural Killer T Cell(NKT) Killer T Cell(K/T)
Feature It kills immediately when it turns inside and meets cancer cell. Cultivation is easy. It has no sensing ability which cell is bad.
Removability Cancer Powerful. It can fight all kinds of cancer cells. Weaker than power of others. It can fight all kind of cancer cells and is혻large혻in number It can fight after taking instruction which cancer cell is removed.
Killing power Strong Middle Middle
Multiplicative power Middle Strong Middle
Cytokine production capacity Strong Strong None



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