Kinds of Immunotherpy


1. Natural Killer Therapy

Lymphocytes of NK cells (Natural killer cells) do not receive the instructions for removing or more target cancer cells can themselves kill tumor cells. If one of the cells attack, this cells pause a function.

2. Dendritic Cells-based Therapy

Dendritic cells were among monocytes in the peripheral blood. This therapy is to return into the body after given the information to the target. The returned dendritic cells produce activation CTL through T cell are imparted the target of information.

3. αβ T-lymphocyte Therapy

αβ T cells, γδ T-type cells, NK cells, monocytes (MNC) contained in peripheral blood are activated and proliferated by IL-2, and returned to the treatment of the patient’s own body. This way is the method that the active αβ-T cells are about 90% of the total.

4.γδ T-lymphocyte Therapy

γδ T cells contained in peripheral blood type, by sex keel bone metastasis of cancer and the like as used crude red acid and IL-2 selectively activated by a combination of, a treatment to return the body of a patient’s own growth.

5. Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte-based Therapy

Only the targeted cells by selectively attacks one by one at a time. Pleural fluid or in instances, from the plurality, is obtained for performing specific treatments for T cells to attack cancer cells, to stimulate cytotoxic T cells (Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte).


Recently Trends

Recent cancer treatment, NK cell therapy (ANK cells, also known as therapy), αβ-T cell therapy is widely used, in the case of dendritic cell therapy research and clinical utilization is underway.

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