How to retain youth


Doctors say how to retain youth.

1. Anti-wrinkle

: Taking enough water is more important than using a anti-wrinkle cosmetics.


As getting old, people lost moisture.
– 90% water in fetal stage
– 70% in infancy
– 60% in male
– 55% in female

So, It’s important that you should fill with moisture inside. About 2~2.5L water is suitable daily.

Light exercise to uptake high moisture.

(1) Put your feet at the shoulder width apart.
(2) Fold your hands and tug at hands from side to side in front of your chest.
(3) Tug at hands from side to side behind your head.
(4) Hold that position for 10 seconds.


2. Too much fat in midsection

As older, we worry about the overweight. Because, the female hormone causes혻fat in midsection.
Stress and sugar cause the belly fat of female.


Low female hormone bring to lower amount of blood. So, many wrinkles, infections and wound outbreak easily. We must make good hormone come out as exercise, good food and혻endorphin. And if you want to take some medicine to control hormone, you should take them after consulting with doctors.


3. Menopause (turn of life)

To overcome menopause disorder, make the thigh muscle. Strong혻thighs make you healthy.

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