뿈 84% of the placenta is composed of protein. (Source. Molecular Society, 2019)
   뇭 It helps to improve muscle mass and immunity.
   뇭 Compared with foods rich in protein,
The placenta contains 3 times the protein of chicken breast, 9 times that of tofu, and 18 times that of milk. (Source. Korea Functional Food Research Institute, 2019)

뿈 Placenta is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids.
   뇭 Contains 40% of essential amino acids.
   뇭 Contains 4 key amino acids: histidine, methionine, cysteine, and arginine.

(1) Histidine

– Histidine helps the body to synthesize collagen.
– Prevention of skin damage caused by UV rays
– Histidine in placenta is 7 times that of abalone and 68 times that of bokbunja (powder basis) (Source: Korea Functional Food Research Institute, 2019)

뼚 Research on histidine and atopic diseases
According to a study on the intake of histidine, called an elastic amino acid, atopic symptoms decreased by 34-39% in patients who took it. (Source. Molecular Biology Research Institute, 2017)

(2) Methionine

Placenta contains a component called methionine, a detoxifying amino acid.

Methionine may help prevent fatty liver and inhibit free radicals.

Content Comparison: The amount of methionine in placenta in powder form is twice that of eel and four times that of octopus. (Source: Korea Functional Food Research Institute, 2019)

(3) Cysteine

Cysteine is called a cyclic amino acid. It has the ability to reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance. Cysteine may help improve diabetes.

According to animal experiments, (a) decrease in blood glucose level, (b) decrease in glycated hemoglobin, and (c) decrease in insulin resistance after cysteine intake (Source. International Journal of Reactive Oxygen Biology and Medicine, 2009)

(4) Arginine

– Arginine helps to build muscle by promoting growth hormone secretion and synthesis.

– Placenta is rich in the vital amino acid arginine, which will help you relieve fatigue and increase stamina.

– In the case of placenta in powder form, it contains twice as much arginine as abalone and 2.7 times as much as garlic. (Source: Korea Functional Food Research Institute, 2019)

– Arginine has the function of activating lipolytic enzyme, so when consumed, it will help reduce belly fat and flank fat.

In addition, iron helps to increase energy metabolism and relieve fatigue, and the placenta extract contains iron.
In conclusion, placental extract helps to improve overall health.

뼚 Small-scale clinical trial, results of placental intake on 189 women, 26% energy increase and reduced fatigue (Source. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 2013)

Recommended daily intake in placental powder form: 800mg
It is recommended to consume after consulting with a specialist for special constitutions and pregnant women
Although placenta is a product with good ingredients, you must select a reliable product after checking the high quality and clarity of the manufacturing process.

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