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How HSCs populate the fetal liver

2016-01-08 04:42

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) undergo dramatic expansion in the fetal liver before migrating to their definitive site in the bone marrow. Khan et al. identify portal vessel밶ssociated Nestin+NG2+pericytes as critical HSC niche components (see the Perspective by Cabezas- Wallscheid and Trumpp). The portal vessel niche and HSCs expand according to fractal geometries, suggesting that niche cells봱ather than factors expressed by the niche봡rive HSC proliferation.
After birth, arterial portal vessels transform into portal veins, and lose Nestin+NG2+ pericytes. When this happens, the niche is lost and HSCs migrate away from the neonatal liver. BAP
8 January 2016
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