Immunity is very important for healthcare in-between seasons


Health care at the change of season : Immunity is very important for healthcare in-between seasons

The change of season has a huge daily temperature range though different climates depend on the countries and regions. It’s easy to catch a cold and feel ill-healthy during the change of seasons. Because body can셳 adapt to the weather and biorhythm (; biological rhythm) is bad.


During a huge daily temperature range, the homeostasis of body is broken, and immune system is weakened. Diminished immunity causes to allergies, colds, respiratory infections, pneumonia, virus susceptible to illness and diseases.
So the body function which blocks the invasion of germs and viruses declines. These potential respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma come out easily. If it lasts over 3 weeks, you should meet a doctor for prevention the chronically ill.
The body can셳 adjust a temperature control by a huge daily temperature range, and deterioration in immune function by hypoadrenalism also could come off. It deteriorates physical strength. We need to prepare oneself; keep up our body heat and smooth blood flow.


For the prevention of disease

  1. Have enough water
  2. Maintain good hygiene
  3. Intake good food and vitamin C for bolster the immune system
  4. Need to Appropriate exercise


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