What is an early sign of the Alzheimer’s disease?


Q: How can we know for sure that our forgetfulness isn셳 an early sign of the brain disease?
A: What is an early sign of the Alzheimer’s disease? So you forgot your neighbor셲 name that one time. If it popped up a few hours later, you probably just had a brain fart. Even a few of these memory lapses shouldn셳 be taken too seriously, since they셱e likely to happen when you셱e stressed, anxious, depressed, or not sleeping enough. But if forgetfulness begins to affect your daily life say, you suddenly spaced on how to get to work see your doctor.
The fact that your family had Alzheimer셲 means your risk could be tripled.
There셲 no single test to diagnose the disease, so you셝 probably undergo memory and neurological exams, blood tests, and an MRI or a CAT scan to suss out the potential problem. Even if you셱e given the allclear, keep beefing up your brain셲 resiliency. Walking or jogging just a few times a week can prevent brain atrophy, one hallmark of
Alzheimer셲, according to a study in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.
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