Pros and cons of a stem cell transplant?

Q: Pros and cons of a stem cell transplant?
1. This depends on the type of transplant (autologous-your own cells; allogeneic-donor cells), the disease that is being treated and the status of the disease.
Stem cell transplants do have a higher toxicity than most standard treatments but in many cases can control the underlying cancer for a longer period of time and can cure many cancers that cannot be cured with standard therapy.


2. Hematopoietic stem cell transplants are the only type in routine use, and are much like other organ transplants except that the immune reaction is typically from the donor cells vs. the patients tissues. Not an issue for those who receive their own cells (autologous). Attempts to transplant stem cells of other organs have met with limited succes and need to overcome rejection and limited growth.
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