How to live comfortably on your golden age


The average lifespan grows high all around the world.
How to live comfortably on your golden age?



The golden oldie 7 rules for happy & health.

  1. Low stress
    Stress is the cause of all kinds of illnesses.
    Don셳 put you under a lot of stress.
  2. Steady Exercise
    Steady physical exercise can make you feel good.
    This is the key to longevity. But do not exercise excessively which spoil your spoil or joint.
  3. Small Activity
    Find a small part-time job or hobbies to stay busy. But it is not easy to find the job which you can.
    If you need not earn money, you can do volunteer work in your interests and hobbies.
    You can get much happy and satisfaction.

  1. Financial stability
    Financial stability doesn셳 mean very rich.
    Retirement savings can be a lack depending on how you spend.
    You should make the plan within your ready asset
  2. Spend time with family or friends or the ones you love
    Spend time with them, do something. dinner, tea time, etc.
  3. Good Foods
    Recently, food therapy is under the spotlight. choosing what fit you is important.
  4. Own subject
    It is important to have goals, though achieving the goal.

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