Every man desires to live long, but…


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Every man desires to live long, but no man would be old. –혻Swift

This is a cherished dream and desire of all of us.
What is the key to solve this common problem?
We want to be in healthy long life rather than sick live longer.

longevity and anti-aging

Cuba people says that they are born poor and die rich. This wealth means non-monetary wealth. Here means a wealth of happy and healthy is a means. For life like this, they live with steady movement, healthy nature foods, happy mind. So, they greet happy 100-year-old age.
However, we have in fact generally not an easy task for a busy day spent without mental psychological free.
We can not buy health with money after losing our health. And we cannot achieve our desire such as above saying without pre-effort; healthy habits and good food.
I want to get slowly age, to have better health, if possible. Genes and stem cells is one of the keys to find a way to solve these desires. Research on stem cells and the genome is expected to be solve one common aspiration of the human.


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