The Fabricated Stem cells Research Paper in 2014


The Fabricated Stem cells Paper in 2014

Somatic cells can be divided into pluripotent stem cells in Low pH?


In January 2014, to stem cell scientists and biotech stakeholders was an issue that was the case.
This paper is published in the paper because Japanese received the Nobel Prize in iPS, they were more interested in the world.
Many observers said, “If the announcement is true, did not vain efforts of the past, scientists have?”, “Really amazing”, “Even though it’s probably true, would they appear quite accidental, repeated several studies are needed. This was hasty announcement.” There were a variety of opinions.
In conclusion, this study was not true.
Published in the January 30, 2014, ‘NATURE’, HOT Issue Paper’s title was ‘Stimulus-triggered fate conversion of somatic cells into pluripotency’.
The paper found that the content in a new way all-purpose cells, Haruko Obokata in Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Brigham and Women셲 Hospital, Japan has announced.
Her paper announced that if somatic cells are dipped into Low pH fluid, those cells can be change to pluripotent cells which are called master cells.
Unlike conventional dedifferentiation stem cell research methods, without genetic manipulation, simply submerged in liquid, the technique that can make the stem cells was very significantly.
In addition, the scientific community was surprised that she is too young researcher unlike existing research presenters.
Somatic cells in the orange juice become pluripotent stem cells?


After the article was published, stem cell researchers came up with a lot of questions in an informal place. Many incorrect stories came out.

Accidentally put the juice? Orange juice? Lemon juice? Does this make sense?

Is not this unusual work appeared by chance?
What is the extent of the weak acid? This suggests a variety of questions.
All the events are finished now, it is the subject of the debate itself has become meaningless.
I became to have no choice but to do that, The article presented very specifically and described step by step about cell differentiation and experiments. (1. Low pH triggers fate conversion in somatic cells, 2. Chimaeric mouse generation from STAP* cell, ES-cell-like stem cells can be derived from STAP cells). No way do so in detail the presentation of false information? This opinion was divided between truth and falsehood. As a result, the turn out was not true.
However, after an anonymous tip that she had a career of manipulate the paper in the past, researchers around the world have validated test this thesis. As a result, all the validation fails, that fact was published in the journal Nature. In July 2014, Japan has officially retracted the article, the researchers were official apologies, this issue has been finished.
(*STAP : stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency Cells)
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