J.Craig Venter’s "Road to the Cure" Stem Cell Venture

Craig Venter, the international genomics superstar, is staking out a claim on stem cell turf.
The move comes with the formation of Human Longevity, Inc.(HLI), Venter’s new company in the La Jolla, Ca., area.
Venter kicked off the enterprise this week with the announcement that it had $70 million in backing. The company press release said the firm is a "a genomics and cell therapy밷ased diagnostic and therapeutic company focused on extending the healthy, high performance human life span."
Most of the news coverage concentrated on genomics. But the firm’s press release also said,
"The company will be embarking on an ambitious multi-pronged effort utilizing stem cell therapy advances to enhance and improve the healthy life span. HLI’s work is premised on the theory that as the human body ages many biological changes occur, including substantial changes and degradation to the genome of the differentiated, specialized cells found in all body tissues. There is also a depletion and degradation of healthy regenerative stem cell populations in the body over time. HLI will monitor the genomic changes which occur during stem cell differentiation, normal aging, and in association with the onset of disease.
"The global market for healthy human longevity is enormous with total healthcare expenditures in those 65 and older running well over $7 trillion,’ said Dr. (Bob) Hariri. ‘We believe that HLI’s unique science and technology, along with our business leadership, will positively impact the healthcare market with novel diagnostics and therapeutics.’"

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