Brain Man and Woman Differences


Brain research about differentiation between male and female : Brain Man and Woman Differences

showed on Channel 쁁BC and 쁊BS.

Men are from Mars and women from Venus.
Generally speaking, men are excellent in mathematics and women have verbal empathy and abilities than men do.
That differentiation is innate(natural) or acquired(education)?
Through empathic ability, mental rotation, monkeys test.


The man and woman to do in a different role?

Pink or blue?
fork-lift toys or dolls?
The result through 쁬onkey toy play test show significant differences those come from innate factors.


Hormone 쁔estosterone research shows that the hormone affects behavioral development.
Research about Multitasking ability.
Brain Structure research through observation over 900 persons.
the left hemisphere of the brain: understanding language and talk
the right hemisphere : analytic thinking, data processing :

Difference between male and female is brain usage of data processing.
This result caused controversy on that field.혻In another research, difference is cause of education and learning in social idea.

The pain laboratory in Montreal, Canada study the discomfort and the pain.
There is clearly that the sex effects on the pain feeling.
After climacterium, The stroke incidence of female is higher than that of male.
In various researches, it is necessary that we study differently based on gender for therapy diseases effectively.

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