New technology, Egg Stem Cell and IVF

A new in vitro technique could change fertility.(Egg stem cell research)

At 19 days old, Zain Rajani looks like an ordinary baby boy. He is anything but.(Source: Time Europe, May, 2015)

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The first IVF result was a baby named Louise Brown in 1978. It open new generation of test-tube baby by in vitro fertilization.
Nevertheless, the IVF success rate in late 30s female is 38%, that in early 40s dropped to 18%.
Method to improve the ability as혻using혻the mitochondria produces energy and to혻use an antibody, in vitro fertilization to an egg enhance stem cells , such as a solution that allows the differentiation of germ cells can be done well.

Lowered fertility rates around the world, late childbirth has also frequent in the high age a healthy child, for many prospective parents who have tried several times in the meantime, the failure of IVF, this new concept of attempt seemed good, but in vitro the operation of cellular functions, including enhanced so go and scientists say that this report is required more researches and studies.


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The Incredible, Surprising, Controversial New Way to Make a Baby

produced the first baby in the world born using a breakthrough in vitro fertilization technique that could dramatically improve the success rate of IVF.
The approach is still being tested혻–혻and is controversial to some, not least for its dependence on a type of human stem cell. Many experts, however, are excited by the potential of the technique, called Augment, because it relies on cells that are already present in a woman셲 ovaries. It uses the pristine stem cells of healthy, yet-to-develop eggs to try
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